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Jobee is a media player to listen to radio stations and watch Internet TV
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Jobee is a media player whose main function is to provide access to online radio stations and TV channels around the world. Among its numerous features, it includes a media player, an RSS reader, and a book browser. The program is very easy to handle and after a few clicks, it quickly connects to online radio stations and Internet TV. Although TV streaming is relatively fast, the image quality is not the best, which is something that can be considered as a disadvantage.

The program offers hundreds of radio stations and gives us the chance to add those stations which are not found in its list. Apart from Web TV and radio streaming, the program offers the possibility to read the RSS feeds we are subscribed to. Moreover, it can check the weather conditions in the world, and manage lists of favorites. On the other hand, we can also browse for e-books and download them to our hard disk, although contents are not very reliable as most the items found seem to be corrupted files.

The program's interface is neat and arranged, but apart from the basic options, we are not offered much more. Documentation, for example, is nonexistent. As you can see, the program has many functions, however, none of them is completely satisfactory. Jobee is free, and works with Windows XP and Vista.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Freeware
  • Hundreds of radio stations


  • The documentation is nonexistent
  • The image quality in Web TV is rather poor
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